Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 98 - "The Dentist's Promise" by Margaret Mahy

"The Dentist's Promise" by Margaret Mahy
Crystal brings us this episode of KPE as her final podcast before she leaves us to return to live in the Solomon Islands with her family. Falealoa interviews her about the story and farewells her from Room 17 and Pt England School.
This highly entertaining story sounds like a romance for young girls, but is far too silly to be part of that genre. The girls really enjoyed reading this book and chatting about it while creating this podcast. They are sure you will like it too!

Falealoa and Crystal

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  1. That was a good job for your first podcast Falealoa. That book was different because it was a romance book. I don't think I'll be reading that!

  2. That was a very good Podcast. That was relly weird that when she got married she kept her old name. I will definitely read it!

  3. Hey Falealoa well done for doing your first podcast with Crystal I really enjoyed listening to it .Bad luck that your friend crystal is leaving us we will miss her.Anyway I loved the book that you both chosed to podcast thats all from me.

    From Rasil P.S rm 18