Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 88 -"The Three-Legged Cat" by Margaret Mahy

"The Three-Legged Cat" by Margaret Mahy

Lanivia from Room 17 presents his first podcast in this episode with Sam acting as his DJ. The boys really enjoyed this quirky story and the tale of the adventure seeking cat.
What happens?
The widow Daisy Gimble is glad that she has a gimpy cat, as his three-leggedness prevents him from wandering, and she approves of staying put. Tom, however, wants nothing more than to see the wide world. Respectable Daisy can't help but dread the visits of her drifter brother, Danny, who always wears a "revolting, molting Russian hat" on top of his bald head. One day he comes for tea, and when he leaves, he mistakes her sleeping cat for his hat. Tom finally gets to see the world, Danny finds that a cat is warmer and better company than a hat, and Daisy is satisfied as can be with her new pet.
You should read this book and tell us what you think of it.

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  1. This story was cool to read. It was exciting doing my first podcast. Margaret Mahy is a crazy writer.
    I am working on my second podcast now and it is another Margaret Mahy story.

  2. thanks for repling back to me and my d.j