Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 97 -"Evil Fred" by Kylie Begg

"Evil Fred" by Kylie Begg
Elizabeth from Room 18 has read this story about the truly awful Rancid family and Sharon Rose is her DJ. The Rancid family are awful.They are probably the meanest, most disgusting bunch of people you are ever likely to meet. One of their favourite pastimes is to lean out their upstairs window and pelt unwary passers-by with mouldy sardines and snotballs. When a grubby bundle of rags is left on their doormat it turns out to be a tiny, sleeping puppy. Immediately, the Rancids plan a future of violence, havoc and destruction for the little dog they name Evil Fred. Will Evil Fred live up to his name, or will his doggy nature lead him in another direction?
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  1. Evil Fred sounds like a very bad dog. Was he as bad as he sounds after all?