Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 87 -"Wild Goat Hunt" by Frank Saxton

"Wild Goat Hunt" by Frank Saxton

Coltrane is a Year 5 student from Room 16 and this is his first podcast. He asked John to be his DJ and together they tell a tale of Blair who goes goat hunting with his father. This is pretty unfamiliar territory for city boys from Auckland as the story takes place in Nelson in the South Island. The boys discuss goat hunting, guns laws and why adults call them kids on this podcast....
In this podcast they also mention the podcasters from Appleby School in Nelson.
We wonder if anyone from Nelson has heard this podcast and can tell us about goat hunting?

The Pt England Podcasters


  1. Coltrane you made this book really interesting. I probably wouldn't take the horns home if I went hunting! I would cry if I killed a goat.

  2. It's very interesting Coltrane. I'll make sure I find it in the library to read.

  3. Hey Coltrane
    I like the book you have been reading.
    And wuld you like to have a goat head?

  4. Wow Coltrane, this books sounds really interesting. I like how you said you need a firearms licence from the police and have to be 15 years old if you want to shoot a goat. Have you been hunting before?