Wednesday, 18 July 2007

KPE Episode 90 - "Horeta and the Waka" by Gordon Campbell

"Horeta and the Waka" by Gordon Campbell

Rasil and Latisha are both in Room 18 and this is a first podcast for both of them. These Year 6 girls have worked on this podcast together in their reading group and share this interesting tale of early New Zealand with us. The story describes how Horeta and his friends view their first siting of a European ship and their fascination with the 'thunder-stick' that shoots birds.

The first sighting of Captain James Cook and his crew is told through the eyes of a young Maori boy. These strange European people were seen as tupua (foreign demons) by the Maori because of their colouring. And this fear was reinforced by their strange behaviour — sitting backwards in a rowboat must surely mean they could see through the back of their heads! A fascinating look at first contact between Maori and European, based on true events.

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  1. Hi Letitia and Rasil, I enjoyed your book review..we have this book in Room 7 at the moment, so I am looking forward to reading it to the class tomorrow. Ka kite...Mrs Apted