Monday, 8 June 2009

KPE Episode 229: "Evil Fred"

KPE Episode 229: "Evil Fred" by Kylie Begg
Matthew and Lepa who are both Year 5 students in Room 15 tell us about this book. They tell a story of a family who sound evil and a dog called Fred who doesn't sound evil - well not the way they tell the story. You had better check this out and see what you think. And if you want another view of the story, we recommend Elizabeth and Sharon Rose's podcast of this book here. Listen to both and give us YOUR opinion of the story....


  1. Great work Lepa and Matthew that was awesome podcast you were really clear and i could understand you. You should do heaps more podcast.
    next time youshould try and say it a little more slower?

    Cruz (R15)
    Good Work

  2. I liked that podcast. The family was so disgusting. I
    still can't believe that the Rancids are still not a happy

  3. Hey Matthew and Lepa. That was great team work and i'm so pleased you both made a big effort to finish your podcasting.Lepa,that was very good questions to ask Matthew about the book you both read and Matthew,you came up with really cool answers to Lepa's questions.Well done both of you and i hope to see more podcasts.I really like the moral of this story!

  4. AWESOME work Matthew and Lepa, I loved your podcast. Very interesting story.. You both have done very well in presenting it. Job well done boys!! :D :D

  5. Hi Guys,
    One of my friends told me that I should listen to your podcast. I thought it was excellent! You obviously have an awesome understanding of the characters and plot and you 'got' the moral as well. You guys really made my day! Thanks a lot - Kylie Begg