Tuesday, 2 June 2009

KPE Episode 225: "The Immigrants"

"The Immigrants" by Alan Bagnall
In this podcast Ala tells Angela about a book set in 1856. You will learn a lot about what it was like for the early settlers who came to New Zealand during the Gold Rush. We are sure you will enjoy this lively discussion and you may well be inspired by this book about people who never give up. Tell us what you think...


  1. I'm so glad we have planes now, those boat journeys last century sound scary and dangerous.
    I love the way you are podcasting as if you were having a real time conversation Ala and Angela. I know you work hard to get a script covering all the main points, but it doesn't sound as if you are reading at all. Great expression and modulation.
    Miss Garden

  2. Hi Ala did you have fun reading that book I know Idid Jasmine ka pai