Wednesday, 10 June 2009

KPE Episode 230 :" The Refugees"

Two Year 5 students, Erene and Joshua from Room 15, bring us this book as their first podcast for KPE. They have joined the
Janice Marriott fan club at Pt England school and tell you about 'The Refugees'. This book has been podcast before by Tanisha and Keletiola so you could listen to their podcast too by clicking here.
The boys give us a lot of detail about what happens when a family is torn apart during a war and the children are left to look after themselves when their parents are taken from them.
They also introduce us to one of their classmates who understands this experience only too well. Have a listen to their podcast and give them some feedback. Maybe you will have some questions for Jephte as well.


  1. I loved this podcast. Erene and Joshua you have made me really want to read this book. A story like "the Refugees" makes us realise how lucky we are to live in New Zealand and how brave the refugees are that come to live in our country, some of them have been through a lot of hardship. Keep up the great work KPE!!!
    From Mrs Kelly

  2. hi my name is Ake from Panmure bridge school in rm6 i like this one and i think its the best so far

  3. Wow Guys that was really Creative and it was relly Interesting. I will see if I can get that Book.
    Well keep up with the good Work

  4. I love the way you speak clearly.
    from Stefanie Panmure Bridge School

  5. Good job boys! I want to read this book now. I especially want to find out about the contents of the buried box. With the story line you've shared so far I hope it's something that will help them to be happy...maybe??
    I hope that you will get the chance soon to have your podcast up that you were working on in extension boys. Keep it going!
    Mrs Tele'a