Thursday, 25 June 2009

KPE Episode 231: "Walking Lightly"

Jarna and Seini-Mino have published their first podcast for KPE. It is about the book "Walking Lightly" by Fleur Beale.
This story is about a rich girl called Millie who wasn't like the rich girls we see on TV. She didn't like shopping and stuff like that - in fact she didn't spend lots of money. She liked doing things outdoors that don't cost money like camping and tramping. Of course this didn't make her popular with the other girls in the class at her school for rich kids. They thought she was weird.
You will have guessed that something happens in this story to make them realise that Mille is a resourceful and clever girl, as well as good to have around. Listen to the podcast and find out more. And if you really want to know more about the story, you could check out Mele and Tiana's podcast too and see what they had to say back in 2007!


  1. I read about your podcasts in a magazine - but I can't remember which one! However, by Googling Pt England School I got through and listened. I think it was an excellent review that told me a lot about the book, but wisely didn't let me know if the kids were rescued! Now I'll have to buy Fleur Beale's book for my grand nephews to find out! Although I'm a grown up I had a chance to read Fleur's teen novel Juno of Taris, which I thought was good, so keep that in mind to read when you are older. Your podcast was clearly spoken and well thought out. Very big congratulations
    Jillian (

  2. Hey there Mino and Jarna,
    I love your podcast, you've used some very interesting words like "independence" or "fashionable". Anyway for your first podcast it sounded great. I remember making my first podcast, I'm sure it was like you two all nervous thinking about what was it going to sound like, if you had felt like that I would have been exactly the same as you guys only I wasn't a year 5 I was a year 2! But I can't wait to hear more podcasts from you and all the other people who eagerly under way with their firt podcasts!


  3. Excellent book review!!Well done Mino and Jarna, I really liked how you both spoke very clearly and succinctly!!! Your teacher has done an excellent job preparing you for your first podcast! I have really enjoyed listening and look forward to more podcasts!!!