Tuesday, 2 June 2009

KPE Episode 224: "The Day of the Snow"

"The Day of the Snow" by Joy Cowley
Tanielu and Blessing review this very popular book by Joy Cowley. One of the reasons it is so popular with our students is because she wrote it about a school in Auckland, where we live. Two years ago Jordan and Pheonix also published a podcast about this book, so if you have iTunes on your computer we recommend you have a listen to their podcast as well (KPE Episode 67 on 28 May 2007). Tell us what you think of both reviews of this book.



  1. man i really liked that podcast . I really liked the way it snows and how the planes come out of the computer.

  2. Hi there Blessing it's Tanielu!! I just comentting on our podcast because one else has!! Great podcast and keep up the great SUPER GREAT work!!

    Fromt Tanielu

  3. Hi Blessing and Tanielu. That was a great podcast that you two made. That is strange that a computer game would come alive. What a cool story. Can't wait to see your next podcast.

  4. Nice guys I really found out alot of information about this story. I found out that the settings were based at auckland New Zealand.I aweso agree on the message it really tells me a clear vison of the book that you have just read.

    From Moses

  5. Hi Tanielu and Blessing
    That sounds like cool story I wish Auckland really did have snow once in a while. I liked how you included all the main part and the Setting. I think I missed your Kiwiana can you please tell me what it is Bye

    From Angela

  6. this work is great and i liked reading it keep it up.

  7. i like reading it keep it up.