Wednesday, 27 May 2009

KPE Episode 223 :" Storm"

KPE Episode 223 :" Storm" by Margaret Beames
Shontal and Victoria from Room 18 discuss this book by another New Zealand author.
It is about a girl called Erin who has never had any doubt about what she wants to do when she leaves school. She wants to be a farmer like her father and mother. Erin loves being on her family farm for the school holidays. Trouble is, Erin gets stuck with the boring chores and her parents don't think she's capable of much else. Try as she will, Erin finds that the boring jobs around the farm don’t keep her from daydreaming and, as a result, neither of her parents has any confidence in her ability to concentrate and complete a job properly. Things, however, have a habit of changing and Erin has to call on all her concentration and resourcefulness to help her father after he has an accident on the farm.
We wonder if any of you have ever been on a farm? Did you like it? Tell us if you think you would like living on a farm....


  1. Congratulations Shontal and Victoria on a fabulous podcast. I grew up on a dairy farm and I really enjoyed your discussion of your own experiences of visiting a farm. I can't believe that anyone has NOT been to a farm in New Zealand! Perhaps we need to organise a class trip for you so you can go to one Victoria! I have been thinking about the farmers this morning when it was so cold I could hardly get out of bed in nice, warm Auckland. I was glad I didn't have to get up and go outside to look after sheep or cows in the freezing cold today!
    Looking forward to your next podcast...

  2. Hi Victora and Shontal
    It must have been really sad that the lamb died. But Erin must have had courage for going outside and rescuing her dad. But I raelly want to know was there anything really kiwiana in the story anyway i thought your story was fantastic.

    From Seini-Mino