Thursday, 7 May 2009

KPE 220: "Tom Thumb"

KPE Episode 220: "Tom Thumb" by Gavin Bishop

Ala and Toreka are publishing their very first podcast. These girls are Year 5 students and they are in Room 15. This book they have chosen to review is subtitled " The True History of Sir Thomas Thumb" and is written by a very popular New Zealand author at our school.
They tell us that this book is a collection of stories that Gavin Bishop has made up about the famous tiny fairy tale creature and they particularly like the one called "Tom Thumb and the Big Fish" and that is the one they tell us about. We hope you enjoy their podcast, and if you also like Gavin Bishop's books, we recommend you listen to 'Stay Awake Bear', 'Chicken Licken', 'Piano Rock', 'Bidibidi'
and 'Kiwi Moon'.


  1. fantastic start to podcasting girls! You certainly presented this like professionals and your editing was very slick. I have a feeling you made it easy for yourselves by speaking clearly and fluently in the first place.
    This is one of Gavin Bishop's books that I haven't read yet and you introduced it very well. I like the way you identified the theme of the story and explained it to us.
    Well done
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Ala and Toreka,

    I loved that story. You know one day I might get it out from the library and read it.

    I liked the way that you spoke clearly.

    Well this was Selena.

    Bye for now.

  3. Hi Ala and Toreka,
    we really loved your book.Your right Tom was very brave.We would of been really scared if a raven,ogre and a fish gobled us up.We can't wait to see your next podcast.
    see you later.
    Litia and Ashleigh

  4. Hi Toreka and Ala,
    Wow in Europe a New Zealand auther.
    I bet you that you must be lucky to see that book.

    Keep it up.

  5. Hi toreka and ala it is me hainite.what a nice story.a u going to do another story.

  6. Hi there Toreka and Ala! What a great first effort. I think that the way you carried out the interview and reflected on the story was fantastic.
    You shared some deep thoughts about the lessons you can learn from Tom Thumb.

    Well done girls!

    Mrs Tele'a

  7. Hi Ala and Toreka

    Fantastic podcast girls! I was impressed with the quality of the recording. You both used good expression and had lovely clear voices. You sound like experts already.

    Isn't Gavin Bishop an excellent author? I can't wait to listen to your next podcast.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  8. Thanks Mrs Lagitupu,
    We both want to be really good at podcasting by next year.We are trying to make lots of podcasts.
    We hope that your babys aren't to much trouble when they arrive, we wish you good luck.

    Ala and Toreka