Wednesday, 13 May 2009

KPE 221: "A Can of Worms"

KPE Episode 221: "A Can of Worms" by Peter Bromhead

Cruz and Blessing talk to us about this
incredible story about a boy called Angus who discovers something moving in a can of spaghetti he opens. He believes the spaghetti is alive but nobody else seems concerned at his amazing discovery! His mother is too busy to look and his sister thinks it’s just another practical joke. So Angus takes the spaghetti to school and tries to get help from the teachers. They can’t help so Angus consults rocket scientist Dr Von Brawn, who even rings up NASA, but no luck! An Italian chef and a worm farmer have a part in this story too.The book seems to have some pretty 'yuck' things in it from what we hear, but they really enjoyed reading it.
We wonder how many of you like eating spaghetti out of a can? Or do you prefer real spaghetti?


  1. Hi Cruz and Blessing well done for completing your first podcast. Keep up the good work at podcasting and at school.

    From Tevita

  2. wow i like that podcast a lot mostly because i'm in it .but it's still acool story that's a cool that he never gave up (champions never give up).

  3. Wow!! I think that story was cool. Interesting vocabulary. What happened in the end? I hope it ends happily!!!

    by: Taverio T.I.S Room 15

  4. Wow!! I think that story was cool. Interesting vocabulary. What happened in the end? I hope it ends happily!!!

    by: Taverio T.I.S Room 15

  5. Wow! That looked like an interesting book. Great explenation. I hope I get to see more book reviews.

    By Boaza Room 15 of T.I.S.

  6. What an amazing review Cruz and Blessing. You must have learnt alot from that book and I really liked it. You both presented that very well and it was a very interesting book. It was really enjoyable.

    By Melehifo of T.I.S Room 15

  7. Awesome book review guys. I have a feeling that you are going to do really well in writing. I look forward to see more of your work

    Eli Room15 T.I.S

  8. Helo Cruz and Blessing.

    Wow! I liked the way you described the book.You express yourself really well. I like to view more of your work on the blog.

    Christian Room 15 T.I.S.

  9. Hi Cruz and Blessing.

    This was an interesting story to listen to. I will be checking my cans of spaghetti from now on! Well done boys.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  10. i'm cool i think your very cool to.And i think that is a cool podcast.

  11. Hi Cruz and Blessing
    I have been listening to your podcast and
    it sounded great.
    I like the way that you have spoken clearly so that
    readers from around the world
    will understand more better.
    You have given me a lot of details of the plot
    and where is is set.
    I wish I didn't eat worms too because they are disgusting.
    Keep up the good work.

    By joshua

  12. Hi Cruz and Blessing
    Cool podcast and great information.I was really starting to get the message and I think your right about not giving up at finding out the answer to a problem,that is so true.

    From Helen and Kezia.

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