Wednesday, 29 April 2009

KPE 219: "A Very Wicked Headmistress"

"A Very Wicked Headmistress" by Margaret Mahy
Helen and Destiney from Room 18 bring us another crazy story from Margaret Mahy.

When the wicked Miss Taffeta—notorious cheater at cards and blackmailer, and former trapeze artist and human cannonball—opens an exclusive boarding school for rich young ladies, everything seems perfectly normal. But when strange things begin to occur at the school the students become suspicious, and they begin to wonder just who Headmistress Taffeta really is. As well as taking on the roles of all the different teachers in the school, Miss Taffeta plots to gain control of a neighbouring farmer's fortune by marrying him!
We are pretty sure you will love this book and this podcast.


  1. Hi Destiny and Helen our whole class has listen to your podcast and the book sounds really interesting for both students and teachers to read .An interesting part of the story was the bit where the teacher jumps out the window and changes her looks for the next class.(we wonder what teachers really get up to when they leave the school). You both did a fab job in speaking like professional DJ's on the radio, way to go and yes our teacher is getting ideas about what we have to do in our reading time. Great job keep it up from the kids in room 16 at Grey Lynn

  2. hey destiney and helen tui i have listened to your podcast it was so great.and it sounded very very interesting for students and teachers to readyou guys did a great job at djs it was so fab i loved listening to it aaand i hope you have made another podcast by the next term

  3. Hi Helen Tui and Destiney well done for completing your first podcast. The favourite part of the story was when the teaacher jumps out the window and changes her looks for the next class. Can't wait for your next podcast.

    From Tevita

  4. Hi Destiny and Helen tui.

    That book that you told us about was really awsome. Your podcast sounded great. I liked your smiles. Well thats just me. I hope you do another one. See you.


  5. Hi Destiney and Helen

    I loved listening to this story. Wasn't Miss Taffeta crazy! Imagine if you had a teacher like that. Don't worry I don't think I will be climbing out of any windows any time soon! Great podcast.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  6. Hi Destiny and Helen tui

    Your Podcast was great and cool you have alot of details in what you a saying to the people who a listen.

    Keep up the good work Helen and Destiny.
    P.S Reina & Tule