Monday, 5 January 2009

KPE Episode 207: "Piano Rock"

"Piano Rock" by Gavin Bishop
Xeneqe interviews Simone as she tells us about the latest book by Gavin Bishop that she has read. We have podcast lots of Gavin Bishop's fiction stories in the past (eg Stay Awake Bear, Bidibidi, Kiwi Moon, Chicken Licken) but this book is non-fiction. It is the story of Gavin Bishop's childhood in Invercargill. As well as finding out interesting things about one of our favourite authors the girls also learned lots of fascinating things about life in New Zealand in the 1950's.
Have a listen to their podcast and if you have any memories or ideas about the things they discover why don't you tell us about them in the comments below.
Oh, and from Pt England School to all of you, we wish you a VERY happy new year in 2009.


  1. Great podcast girls! I am a third grade teacher from USA. I know my students will enjoy listening to your fabulous book talks when I share the website with them tomorrow.

    Xeneqe, I like how you make connections to the books from things you have experienced.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. Hy Guys!

    Guess what! I am listening to your podcast all the way from Hong Kong.
    It was great! Thank you for sharing with us!

    Mrs She

  3. Hi Xeneqe and Simone,

    Great podcast! It sounds like the author had a wonderful childhood growing up in NZ in the 1950's.

    Aren't you lucky to receive comments from the USA and Hong Kong! How cool is that? Well done girls!

    Mrs Lagitupu.

  4. Hi Guy's

    The story of the piano rock was
    a little bit of sad about the boy.
    It was a good story about the piano rock.The part i like is when the rainbow was next to the piqano rock.

  5. Hy guy's

    You guy got a nices show by your side.The Piano Rock is a cool story .
    It a nices swoh.

  6. wow that was an amzing podacast you people rock like sunshine guess what i am on am on school holiday i am in rotorua on the nana'a camputer hank's for sharing your podcast see you next time and wwhen i come to school hahaha

  7. Hi you guys the story book you just read was awesome. It was litte bit sad about the man who died. Hope you guys have wonderful day at Intermediate.


  8. xeneqe i like the way way you can still be able to read and make a good podcast with a broken arm well done xeneqe. from blessing matambanadzo rm18