Tuesday, 26 May 2009

KPE Episode 222: "Weaving Together"

"Weaving Together" by Dawn McMillan
Selena and Angela are Year 5 students who have made a great job of their very first podcast. They have chosen to share this wonderful New Zealand book about Jamie and her grandmother who are making a woven memory of all the wonderful and sad things that have happened in their lives. They choose colours that will remind them of special events. Soon it becomes more than a piece of art and Jamie realises that both her past and her future are part of the weaving.
As you listen to this podcast you will not only find out about the book, but also about some of the lovely memories these girls have shared with their Grandmothers.
Why don't you tell them about YOUR grandmother in return?


  1. Kia Ora Selena and Angela,
    Well done to you both on a great podcast. I really enjoyed listening to the way you both spoke clearly and shared some really special things about your grandmothers. My grandmother was special because she has lots of great great grandchildren. Keep up the great work girls.

  2. Talofa lava Selena & Angela,
    Nice to hear you have good relationships with your Grandmothers.
    Enjoyed listening to your feedback about the book. My Grandmother was special too and loved her when she came over for visits from Samoa or me going over to see her.
    Keep up the good work.

  3. Wow you have done a great job of your first podcast!! I am impressed and you have inspired me to go & make my own first podcast.

    My grandmother was also a very special person to me. I often remember her (she has died) and want to be more like her. She was a very selfless person and a great example.

    Keep up the great work girls!