Monday, 22 September 2008

KPE Episode 191: "Schnitzel Von Krumm's Basketwork"

"Schnitzel Von Krumm's Basketwork" by Lynley Dodd
It is great to see Leander and Brennah from Room 17 back with another podcast. This time they have chosen to talk about a book from one of New Zealand's favourite authors - Lynley Dodd. No kiwi kid grows up without having lots of her books read to them. This is another story from the famous band of dog friends. Schnitzel von Krumm was the little dog first seen in one of Lynley Dodd's Hairy Maclary books and she has gone on to write three books about him. In this one about Schnitzel Von Krumm, he is outraged when his misguided family decides to replace his worn out, beaten up, smelling old basket. He doesn't like his smart new basket and tries to find something else that's cosy and comforting. But no where is quite right. Eventually his family get the message. You will enjoy hearing these girls tell you all about it and why don't YOU tell US which is your favourite Lynley Dodd book....


  1. Nice job Brennah and Leander!
    Your podcast was lively and entertaining. I love reading Lynley Dodd's stories to my kids.
    Can't wait for your next Podcast.
    Mrs Nua

  2. Well done ladies!!
    You both did a great report, very clear and interesting to the listeners. Hope your next book report is as good as this on, well done.

    Mr, Brown

  3. Thanks for the great summary Brennah and Leander! I am going to get this book for my niece! The way you speak really kept my interest - I can tell you found the book interesting.

  4. Wow that was an excellent podcast Leander and Brennah you two make a very good podcasting team my gosh that must be such a fussy dog i really hope that you wil do another podcast again soon I really hope it will be another story from Lynley Dodd

    from .........

  5. Hi Leander and Brennah,
    I really liked your podcast I thought it was great.You two are both good at working as a team. I wonder if one of you have a dog?.Keep up the great work.

  6. Hey Leander and Brennah that was a grreat book and I thought it was fantastic.The best part I liked about the book is when Schnitzel Von Krumm's want's a new basket but doesn't like it.

    By Taiapa