Thursday, 25 September 2008

Happy 3rd Birthday KPE

It is pretty amazing that we have been podcasting KPE for 3 years now. We started back in 2005 and our first podcasters are in Year 9 at secondary school! When we first started out with Mrs Lagitupu, Mrs Tele'a, Miss Meleisea and Mrs Burt, we really didn't have any idea what we were doing (because no-one we talked to knew what a podcast was back then), but we set a goal of publishing one episode every week. We wanted to give our kids a chance to tell the world about the books they were reading and a bit about New Zealand at the same time.
Well today we have published 191 episodes of KPE and we know that not only have we achieved our goals but Pt England kids have read a LOT of New Zealand books.
We have a short movie to celebrate our birthday (thanks very much to Jordan in Room 17 for the fabulous graphics) and we have published a Voice Thread as well. We would love you to figure out how to use the Voice Thread and to leave us a birthday message. We know lots of you have listened to KPE so please join in the celebration with us.....


  1. Happy 3rd Birthday KPE!

    Keep up the great Podcasting PES! Thank you to all our listeners out there who have e-mailed and blogged comments and messages of support.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  2. On behalf of our school I would like to congratulate everyone at KPETV for all the hard work and the well earned success. You and your students are a shining example of how a school can have an impact, around the world. I know a lot of ex-pupils that are very proud of their work that is in your memory banks and will stay on. Here's to the next three years!
    Mr Webb
    Tamaki Intermediate School

  3. You have set a very high standard to follow. I remember your first podcast - I can't believe three years have gone by so fast! I hope the next three years will be as successful.
    Congratulations to all of you.
    Mary McQuoid
    Renaissance Education

  4. I do remember you all very well and no, I don't know how to use Voice Thread.

    So I'll just add my Best Wishes for a very happy birthday to KPE, the best
    blog of them all.

    Korero mai ano,
    Gavin Bishop

  5. Hey KPE Happy 3rd birthday