Tuesday, 16 September 2008

KPE Episode 189: "Not NIce Stories"

"Not Nice Stories" by John Parker
Xeneqe and Tanisha are both in Year 6 and they bring us a very entertaining podcast about a book with 4 short stories. By the sounds of it each of the stories is pretty wacky and very funny. They are the kinds of stories created around 'What if..?" situations. They tell us about one of the stories in great detail - "Superbrain". In this story, Barney Jordan, who is an impressive speller, decides that always eating sheep’s brains is the reason why he always achieves top marks in school tests. Things start to happen though, and his behaviour starts to demonstrate some very scarily sheep-like characteristics.
As the girls point out, New Zealand is the land of sheep, but these sorts of things do not really happen down here! Give the podcast a listen and read the book. Then tell us what you think of the stories...


  1. Well done Xeneqe and Tanisha. You both did a brilliant job. Tanisha, I liked the way you explained how and why Barney ate sheep brains. I know I wouldn't go that far if I got one spelling word wrong. Have you both been practising your spelling?
    Keep up the great work girls.
    Love Miss Lavakula

  2. Well done !
    Xeneqe and Tanisha ! You did a fantastic job ! I love it !

    Keep it up !

    Love from,
    Mrs. She

  3. Hey Tanisha and Xeneqe great podcast I really liked it.I think the best and funniest part of the story is when Barney tu rns into a sheep and eat's grass but I think it is really grose that someone eat's sheep brain.

    By Taiapa

  4. Hi there

    Youve got a really cool storie i like all the imagenation you put in to it

    great job

    Casey from room 16 grey lynn school