Sunday, 7 September 2008

KPE Episode 187: "Uncle Tease"

"Uncle Tease" by Ellen Javernick
This book was podcast by Uani and Tamika from Room 18. It has been a while since they have shared a book with us and it is good to hear from them again.

In this book about friends and friendships a pair of twins are pretty upset over the fact that their uncle is going to get married, because "married people aren't much fun." They try to come up with ways to destroy the romance, and then have second thoughts about it.
At one point in the story Uncle
Tease gives the kids torches and tells them how to flash coded messages to each other. The book includes a table of the letters and numbers of the International Morse Code. You will even hear Tamika and Uani having a go at this.
Listen to their podcast and tell them what you think of the book.

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  1. Hi Tamika and Uani awesome podcast and when uncle Tease turned himself into a undercover person it was pretty smart of him.He must of been pretty confident talking in front of a huge audience.Great expression and the way you spoke was nice and clear.

    By Taiapa