Wednesday, 17 September 2008

KPE Episode 190: "Splatter"

"Splatter" by Janice Marriott
Mokani and Colin have been reading another book by one of our favourite New Zealand authors - Janice Marriott. When you listen to this podcast you will be able to tell that the boys really enjoyed this story. It is about a boy called Darryl who joins Greg and Sam for the ride of his life. He goes on a quad-bike tour that involves lots of mud. You probably could guess that from the title and at one stage our podcasters even tell us that their favourite part of the book was all the mud! Of course mud is on everyones' minds after all the rain we have had this Winter. Everytime we go outside we are stepping though mud and lots of our Winter sport has been played in the mud.
We hear from Colin about his experiences when he used to live in Samoa and got to ride a chopper motor bike and a scooter around his family's property. And Mokani tells us about riding a motor bike when he was on holiday in the Cook Islands. Have a listen, we know you will enjoy this one...


  1. Hi Mokani and Colin, wow that sounds like an interesting story. I would like to read that story one day.

    Bye for now

    From Brooke and Kingston P

  2. Hi Colin, Mokani and I can't forget your kind technician Leilane. I was part of the last apple bus tour to your school and you guys kindly let me come and sit in while you were recording your podcast. Man you must be proud of your final product - its excellent. I can't wait to let my students come and have a listen next term. I am sure some of them will want to choose your book for their novel study. Well done on some seriously good podcasting!!!

  3. Wow that was a realy good podcast I used to have a quad bike but beau crashed it. Keep up the good work.

  4. Hey guys that was an awesome book that you picked.I think the best part I liked about it is when Darryl's friend's Greg and Sam taught him some tips on riding a quad bike.

    By Taiapa