Monday, 8 September 2008

KPE Episode 188: "Selafina"

"Selafina" by Catherine Hannken

Portia and Uani podcast Episode 188 of KPE and bring us a delighful picture book about a Samoan family and the young heroine, Selafina.
It is Selafina's 10th birthday and Nana is coming from back from Samoa especially for it. Nana used to live in New Zealand but she went back to live in Samoa some time ago. Selafina is very excited and, as a special welcome, wants to dance the siva for her Nana. She has never been brave enough to dance the siva before and so she asks her cousin to help her learn it.
As you listen to this podcast you will not only learn about a very interesting book but you will also learn about some Samoan customs and culture. The girls also discuss Pt England School's upcoming Pasifika festival and tell you about the dances they are learning for it.
Tell them what you think, and let them know if you can dance the siva...


  1. Hi Portia and Uani !

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast. Well done !
    I am excited about the upcoming Pasifika too.
    Make sure you watch out for Asia/Pacific item as I am involved in that one.

    Love from,
    Mrs She.

  2. Portia and Uani.

    I think that you chose really well with this book. Having a New Zealand author and also the fact that the main character was turning 10, like you said you were about to Portia I think that really helped with the understanding of the story.
    Excellent work! Well Done!
    Mr Webb
    Tamaki Intermediate School

  3. Portia and Uani

    We loved your podcast here are three things we liked about it. Good introduction, you explained the book, you made connections

    From the All Blacks reading group
    Douglas Park School

  4. Great podcast Siva. I was gobsmacked by your perfomances at olympasifika it was one of the best things that Pt England have ever had. My highlight for the night was all the culture groups and the lasT item AOTEAROA. I HAD A FANTASTIC NIGHT

    Sabrina room 6
    Tamaki Intermediate

  5. Hey uani and portiai i enjoyed your podcast.Well done.

  6. Hi Portia and Uani,
    We loved your podcast! We got a great understanding of the book and the connections you made between yourself and Selafina. Great work you two...

    Much love Portia's Mum, Dad, Tyra and Paige xxx