Thursday, 16 October 2008

KPE Episode 192: "Sheep Are Not Very Clever"

"Sheep Are Not Very Clever" by Bob Darroch is the latest podcast published on KPE. Jordan from Room 17 has been reading this story and he is interviewed by his classmate Meshaq. Jordan has also drawn some cool graphics to illustrate this podcast.
We live in a country with a lot of sheep - in fact we have about 10 sheep for every person in New Zealand. But that doesn't mean we all know a lot about sheep because we don't have any in Auckland city. So we hope that as you listen to this podcast you will find out a bit about New Zealand sheep farms as well as enjoying the story.
This story is about Sebastian, the sheepdog with the bad attitude, who is about to meet his match! When Sheree the sheep and her other woolly friends decide they're not going to be pushed around any more, things on the farm take an interesting turn.


  1. Hey Jordan and Meshaq

    That was a fantastic podcast. That book sounds really cool. My favourite part was when the sheep chased the dog. I wonder what it would be like if everyone in New Zealand had 10 sheep of their own.

  2. Wow what a lot of sheep! If we had ten sheep each we would:
    Feed them, eat them, play with them, bring them to school and sleep with them because they are warm!
    From Room 3

  3. Wow! Apart from reading the book you boys have got some facts about how many sheep there are in NZ. I think our sheep are the best tasting sheep too. Keep up the great work and look foward to more podcasts from you both.

  4. Hey jordan and meshaq

    thats was an awesome podcast.that book sounds funny i should really read it.My favorite part is when the sheep ran out of the cage and ran after the dog.if i had ten sheep id sell them to earn some money. im really looking foward to your next podcast. keep up the good work.

    from colin

  5. Hey guys it's Taiapa here and I think that book was really interesting all right.The best part I liked about the story is when the sheep chased the farm dog because it was funny.

    By Taiapa

  6. Hey cool podcast you did it was a fanatastic.

  7. Hey Meshaq and jordan cool podcast and hey nice pictuers.

  8. hey jordan and meshaq

    i loved your story about that sheep
    and you guys had a very good saying about how there were 10 sheep

  9. hey nice pictures Meshaq and jordan

  10. Good work Jordan and Meshaq that book sounds really clever.How would it be like if everyone in New Zealand had 10 sheeps?