Thursday, 11 October 2007

"Hangi" by Trish Puharich

KPE Episode 142 is about a book called "Hangi" by Trish Puharich from the School Journal Story Library. Johnny has read this book and has Cruz as his DJ for the podcast. Both boys are Year 6 students from Room 18 and this is their first podcast. Hangi is a cool book which shows us how to make a hangi using wonderful photos taken by Sarah Hunter. The kids in the story get to make a hangi at school. We see how they prepare the food and the hangi pit, and of course we get to see them eating it at the end.
We were surprised to find out that Johnny has never eaten a hangi! Cruz is very fond of them though. Do you like eating hangi?


  1. Hi Johnny and Cruz, I thought It was time for me to drop in on Pt England School again. I really enjoyed listening to your podcast about the book Hangi. I like hangi food, too, Cruz.
    You have all been very busy since I visited you a month ago. I was very impressed and pleased to see that you have been to a conference to talk about the marvellous things you are doing with reading and podcasting. I have been telling people about you all.
    I have done some more podcasting myself and kept a blog going on Arohanui
    Dick Hubbard, Mayor of Auckland

  2. Hi Johnny and Cruz I really enjoyed listening to you guys podcast.I loved that book yous choose to podcast'one day I will want to make a hangi.


  3. Hi Johnny and Cruz.!
    What a great podcast this would be Toia from Kura Kaupapa school I learnd alot.That story sounds like a realy good read.

    Well done boys!

    Toia Kura Kaupapa.

  4. Hey Johnny and Cruz
    what a good book to podcast on
    maybe you could get a scollaship
    in college if do podcasting in the collage your going to any nice podcast you two. and now I'm hungry i think its time for a Hangi
    fa soifua

  5. Hi Johnny and Cruz nice podcast there and a good book and you guys sound great and keep up the good work

    From Janie Rm17

  6. Hi Johnny and Cruz I really enjoyed listening to you guys podcast I thought it was awesome.Keep up the good effort oh and one day i would want to make a hangi to ia fa soifua.

    From Rasil RM EIGHTEEN

    P/S yous guys rock.

  7. Hi Johnny and Cruz,
    I looooooved your podcast and I looooove hangi.You two make great podcast.I hope you make some more.

    By Sosefo

  8. Hey Johnny Cruz.Great podcast you boys.I really enjoyed listening to your podcast about the book 'Hangi'.I really like hangi food too.You too boys has great expression on that podcast.

  9. Hi jonny and Cruz

    you have a really cool podcast its really good to see and listen to a very beautiful podcast hope you keep podcasting looking forward to hear your cool other podcast bye

    well done boys!

    from girl on mov

  10. Hi,its Tari your podcast was realy cool and i liked the way yous spoke.

  11. Hey Cruz and Johnny man that was a very very good podcast well done my friends. from Apelu

  12. Hey johnny and cruz, you made me feel like have a hangi too.I really like the you's guys talk.I will hope you make another one. By KANE

  13. Hey Cruz and Johnny well done on that podcast that was great listening to your podcast. from shade.

  14. Hey Cruz and Johnny i really liked your podcast and i like the way you spoke.from Christian

  15. Hi Cruz and Johnny,i really liked your podcast and cruz i like hangis and they are nice.

  16. Hi Johnny and Cruz, I really enjoyed your podcast. Fantastic work for your first one Johnny! I especially liked the way you included the map and photo of Lake Taupo. Keep reading and podcasting and you might get a job on TV one day.
    Mrs Hodgkinson

  17. Trish Puharich- Author19 June 2008 at 5:45 pm

    Hi, Trish Puharich here. I was just listening to a podcast that Johnny and Cruz did last year on the book I wrote called Hangi. I was told about it by my sister who works in Australia, so how's that for famous international podcasting? It was fantastic to listen to them discussing
    the book and providing real opinions and facts about things. I wish I'd replied sooner to thank them for their great podcast, but today was the first time I found out about it. They've probably left the school now,bu† if anyone knows where they are, please send my regards to them for
    their work.
    Tino pai boys, I hope you're still podcasting and reading.
    Kind regards
    Trish Puharich via email