Thursday, 5 June 2008

KPE Episode 177 "Matatuhi"

"Matatuhi" by Robyn Kahukiwa is presented by Sela and Destiney from Room 15.
It is the story of Mata, a young Maori girl, who has been adopted into a Pakeha family. She knows very little about her Maori heritage.
A long time ago, Matatuhi, a fabulous weaver and a woman with special powers, dreamed of making a special cloak, and of meeting a young girl with fair hair and green eyes. Many years later, in modern times, a girl named Mata is adopted by Pakeha parents. She has fair hair, but brown skin. On a class visit to the museum one day, Mata is entranced by a beautiful cloak, and a carved female figure with a chin moko who seems to speak to her. Later, she dreams of feathered cloaks and an old Maori woman with a moko. After the visit, Mata discovers her whakapapa and decides to use her original Maori name – Matatuhi.
What happens next changes her life forever.
To download a Quicktime version click here.
Let us know what you think of this podcast.


  1. Hi there, Laura here from Selwyn Ridge School. I loved the way the students had clear voices the whole way through. I enjoyed listening to your show.

  2. Hi Pania here. I liked your show about the Lady who has good wieving skills and she can see her future mokopuna.
    From Pania on the Ridge.

  3. Hi Robin here. I love the story about a lady that dreams about seeing her grand daughters future . She has pretty amazing weaving skills. From Robin on the Ridge.

  4. This is great stuff, well done. I will be visiting your school on Monday. I am looking forward to seeing all the wonderful things you are doing. SE (Muritai School, Wellington)

  5. wow sela and destiney that was a great podcast you girls have beenlearning about.your podcast was soooooo............coooooooooooool and that lady was a really really a good wiever

  6. Hi sela hey destany. that was a mean story to bad that the womein is dead.

  7. Hi Sela & Destiny

    Awesome podcast. I really liked the expression it was amazing. One of my favourite parts was when Mata found out about her heratage. Keep up the good work.

  8. Awesome podcast you two!!!

    You's use a really good expression & best of all your smile's!The book however was great I thought I might pop down to the library & find the book to read myself at lunchtime.Anyways great podcast cant wait till your next one


  9. Hi great stuff you two that was so cool.I cant wait until another podcast comes out.

    from Leoden

  10. A really good description of New Zealand culture and we loved your expression! All the teachers

  11. Hi,
    I really liked your podcast. Coming from Germany I don't know so much about the Maori traditions and so it was really interesting to listen to a Maori story. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Well done girls! Loved listening to your podcast. Keep up the hard work and let me know when you have another podcast up.

    Once again,keep up the FANTASTIC work , Miss Walters :)

  13. Hi Sela !

    I am really impressed with the way you read your story. You are full of expression.

    Well done !

    Mrs. She.

  14. Awesome girls you had such clear voices and it sounds like a very interesting book. Choice!

  15. Hey Sela and Destiney, I really enjoyed listening to your korero about this story. I think I might like to read that book ! Keep reading good books!

    Mrs Clarke

  16. Hi this is Emily and Marit from Muritai School here.Our teacher visited you on Tuesday.That book sure
    sounds interesting.We would love to
    read it some time.It sounds fun to do
    podcasts.We wish our class could do
    podcasts too.

  17. Hi sela and destiney amazing podcast good discription and details.I really enjoyed your great podcast looking forward to your next one.

    From Helen tui room fifteen

  18. Hello Sela and Destiney

    Well done on your podcast. I enjoyed listening to the way you clearly described what happened in the story.

    Did you know that the author Robyn Kahukiwa is a talented NZ artist? I recognised the style of her amazing artwork that you showed in your podcast. Fantastic job!

    Mrs Lagitupu

  19. Great podcast Sela and Destiny,

    Yous had clear voices all the way through and good expresion. That was a weird dream of seeing her future family. Anyway Matatuhi must have been a pretty good weaver then. Well I enjoyed listening to it. Can't wait for another one.

  20. Hey Sela & Destiney, you guys did so well with this work. Love the expression and what you had to say. I'm sitting in the GooglePlex in America writing this comment. I'm really proud of your work.

  21. hi destiney and sela

    great podcast loved your voice they were very clear. I was excited and was looking foward to listening to your podcast and mata she was a really good weaver.That was cool how mata touched the cloak and it turned into a women.But she was lucky she found a family.

    Helen tui