Monday, 9 June 2008

"Rock Our World" with Maui

"Maui and the Sun" retold and illustrated by Gavin Bishop
At Pt England School we are fans of Gavin Bishop and like reading the books he has written and done the artwork for. A group of our Year 5 and 6 students have recreated this story to share with students around the world as part of the Rock Our World project we have been involved in. One of the things were were learning about with ROW08 was the sun, so we decided to share this Maori legend.
We have published several podcasts about books by Gavin Bishop. Check out Bidibidi and Kiwi Moon and Chicken Licken to see some of them.

If you like what we have done, you could check out more of our Rock Our World work posted on our Flickr account.


  1. Hi
    I was visiting on Monday from Muritai School in Wellington. What awesome pictures you drew to go with your expressive storytelling. You made the story very exciting. Well done guys and keep up the good work.
    Mrs Chao
    Muritai School

  2. oliver from muritai school12 June 2008 at 2:34 pm

    I really like your pictures.I think you have a good talent for art.

  3. Hi Room18

    We think that your blog is super cool.You are really good at sport. You are lucky that you can make a video.Miss chao says that you are really heathy.We looked at your video.They are super cool.Your school has got a cool name. Our school is called muritai

    From Ruby and Maddy

  4. hi room18 you are doing great keep it up.
    Wow that was asome we LOVED those picters keep the good work up!

    yours Phoebe & Mykala!!!!

  5. hi
    i was visiting on friday the 12 and that was a really great movie and i hope the sun went really slow forever.and really cool pictures

  6. Hi extension group.
    Cool work and graphics. I especialy liked Tylers graphics and when I look foward to see more exclent work.


  7. Hi

    You extension group were very good.
    You people drew some good pictures.I dont think that i can draw some awesome graphic like that.
    From Xeneqe.

  8. Hi Extention its me Elijah

    Cool work I wish that I was still in extention so I could do all that cool work that you guys do. All the graphics that you produced looked realistic and some look better then my drawing. Also the voice overs were exellent and nice and clear you also had good expresion. That's all I got to say now see you around the school doing more cool stuff BYE


  9. Hey extension group

    What an awesome digital story! I loved the animations and graphics and thought that the voice overs were clear and expressive. You guys have obviously put a lot of work into this movie.

    I always love hearing those stories about that prankster Maui, so I couldn't wait to view your cool movie. Well done!

    Mrs Lagitupu

  10. Awesome work extention.

    Jordan awesome pictures and Tyler what was with the rain? Matthew what was with the roaring in the sun? Well great drawing most of yous must be artists?

  11. Hey wat you been up to Ex grobe
    I have been away for a long time
    and it look like you been doing a good job

    by Omni

  12. Hi extention people

    That was a great movie I really enjoyed it I really liked your graphics and your voice overs you guys spoke clerly and had a really good expression.

  13. Hi extention group

    That was awesome. I liked the part when the sun got smacked it was fantastic. Can't wait till what you will do next. Great job!

  14. Cool movie extention. Cool graphics, can't wait for another one
    BY Tamika

  15. Hey room18 love your movie. I really enjoyed the pictures you drew. You are very talented people. Room 18 I love the way you spoke you spoke really loud, clear and also it sounded like you really took time to try and make that wonderful moive you put a really good effort into your moive. I would to hear another moive.


  16. Hey Extention Group,

    Great movie you have there,To Sam and Tanisha great animations.I hope I get to hear more from your group.great job and keep up the good work.

    From Uani,room18.

  17. Hey Extension Group
    That was areally great movie and i liked the pitcures you guys drew it was awesome!!!!!

  18. wow you guys you done a really great work and neat art work i would like to here another one how long did it
    take you to do all this?

  19. Hey guys, loving your podcast.I am very happy of yous. Hope yous HaD a good time doing your podcasting.Bye From Simone and Kathleen.

  20. Hi Extention group great movie and cool pictures and the way you drew your pictures were amzing and how you expressed yourself and the way you spoke.

    By Taiapa,Caleb and Coltrane.

  21. What cool picture you have about Maui

  22. that was a great movie i really enjoiend it who ever drew the grapics
    they were awsem
    by Etta

  23. Hi Extension Group
    I really liked that movie of Maui and the Sun.
    You guys had great graphics and nice voice overs.
    Keep up the great work.
    Hope to see another one soon.