Sunday, 4 November 2007

KPE Episode 150 - "Walking Lightly"

"Walking Lightly" by Fleur Beale. Tiana has read this book and teamed up with Mele again for Episode 150 of KPE. Wow, can you believe that? We have been podcasting KPE for two years now and have published 150 episodes.... that means we have read 150 books too. Ka pai Pt England!

Walking Lightly is a great read about a bunch of really rich kids who do all the things that we see rich kids on TV doing. But one of them is different. her name is Millie and she is into pretty ordinary things for a rich girl. She likes the same kinds of things ordinary kiwi kids do - camping, canoeing, fishing, sport - and she doesn't go off on flash holidays or spend lots of money. This makes the other kids at her school think she is pretty strange - until one day they end up on an adventure and they come to realise that she is independent and extremely resourceful. And they really need her help. Tell them what you think about the podcast....


  1. Hi Tiana and Mele
    You two are amazing! Another podcast. Well done :) This is one of our new books and you have made it sound very interesting. I like the part about when the bus driver ran into the jungle when there was an earth quake. I used to live in Papua New Guinea and we had lots of earthquakes there. One day I was out shopping when there was an earthquake and all the salespeople ran out of the shop and left the whole store unattended!
    Keep up the great work
    Mrs Burt

  2. Hi Mele and Tiana
    You two are good at podcasting welldone on your guys new podcast keep up your guys podcast I can't wait for your guys new podcast.

    Janie Rm17

  3. Two podcasts published in such a short time! Awesome effort, girls. I'm loading your podcasts into my iPod tonight and will be listening to them on the way to work tomorrow. Can't wait to get into the car and listen.
    Mr Chung

  4. Hi Mele and Tiana yous guys did great on your podcast i really enjoy listneing to your guys podcast.I think yous were amazing and yous gave it all yous got well done.

    From Rasil rm EIGHTEEN

    P/S yous rock

  5. Hi Tiana and Mele,
    You both did a fantastic job on your podcast!! Millie sounds very independant and resourceful young girl. What would you have done if you were stuck in the jungle and there was an earthquake?

    Miss Lavakula

  6. Hi Tiana,hi Mele you guys mke great Podcasting buddies!Awesome expression. Walking Lightly sounds like a great book to read and a funny one too!Great work you two!!!

  7. Hi Tiana and Mele
    You were Fantastic. What a great podcast. You both have nice and clear voices.I really enjoyed listening to the podcast.I can't wait for your next one.