Monday, 26 May 2008

KPE Episode 174 "Famous"

"Famous" by Elizabeth Pulford.
Alisi and Lyn from Room 17 present this podcast about a boy who is desperate to become famous. He tries all kinds of things in his effort to become famous and none of them work. All of the other members of his family are famous - including the cat - but he just cannot manage it.

We have podcast this very popular book before, in episode 130, but you will see that these two girls have chosen a very different tack to take with their presentation. You should have a listen to both of the podcasts about 'Famous' and tell us what you think.
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  1. Hi Alisi and Lyn great podcast about this book Famous. I think I've read this book before but I never got a chance to do a podcast on it. Great book.
    From Taiapa R18

  2. Hey Lyn and Alisi,

    Great podcast.I wish that I could do a podcast just like that!!!!

    From your friend

  3. Hey Alisi its me lyn.I would like to say thank you for being my DJ. I really realy appreciate what you did. Thank you. I am so lucky to have a friend like you...


  4. Taiapa thank you for the comment.
    Your comment was lovely. Once again thank you.

    Thank you Lyn...

  5. Hey Helen thanks for the comment if you want to read it you can get from the lebray

    Thanks Lyn...

  6. Hi Shyarn thank you for listening to our podcast.And thank you for the wonderful comment that was great of you.

    Thanks Lyn...

  7. Hi Alisi and Lyn

    Was this your first podcast? I thought you girls did a very good job of explaining what this book was about. I read Famous last year as I noticed it was very popular with Pt England kids. I listened to the podcast Jaydn published last year about this book and I was very surprised to hear how different your one was. The same book and yet you both chose different things to talk about. That is pretty cool.
    I really liked the way you girls explained about cultural tattoos as well.
    Keep this up because you are great podcasters :)

    Mrs Burt

  8. Hey Lyn be me Alisi..
    Well it was my pleasure to do the podcast with you..!
    I just finished listening to the podcast..
    I reckon that we did preddy good at it and we are just begginers..
    Well Im out ...


  9. Hi alisi and lyn nice podcast i realy injoed it keep up the good work what an enteresting book i might even get it out to read because it sound's like a good read keep it up girl's. bye from malama.

  10. Hi alisi and lyn

    amazing podcast i woud like to hear lots mores of your amazing podcast.
    i have read this book but in april 15.i wish i could do a podcast just like you two.

  11. Hi Alisi and Lyn

    Great podcast girls. I listened to last years podcast by Jaydn and Tiana about the same book and I thought that it was pretty cool how you spoke about a different aspect of the story. I thought that it was great how you both explained what a 'moko' and a 'pe'a' was.

    You both used expressive voices and the podcast was interesting to listen to from start to finish. Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  12. Hi Lyn and Alisi

    Great podcast you have there I wish my family was famous for something
    popular.I hope I can hear more than one podcast from you.

    From Uani.

  13. Hi Alisi and Lyn

    I wish my family was famous
    for something
    ha ha ha ha ha

    from Santana

  14. Hi Alisi & Lyn
    Great podcast guys, for begginers you guys are awsome.
    You are nearly better then me..... just jokes,by the way good expression.

    by Wayjo

  15. Hi Alisi and Lyn.
    You were amazing for your first time.Iwould like to do a podcast with one of you.Great podcast

  16. Hi Alisi and Lyn
    Awesome podcast.That is book is very intersting.I wish I could read that story.Does the boy get famous and does he think of anything to do to become famous?
    From Paulitia [RM 15]

  17. MILLIE & MEG12 June 2008 at 2:30 PM

    hi this is millie & meg in wellington
    our school is called muritai. we think the podcast was awesome .our teacher mrs chao came to vist you.The other podcasts are awesome to