Wednesday, 21 May 2008

KPE Episode 172 " To the Harbour"

"To the Harbour" by Stanley Palmer.
Matthew and Wayjo from Room 18 are the producers of this podcast. They have chosen a book that is one of the finalists in the picture book section of the2008 "New Zealand Post Book Awards". They tell us they have really enjoyed this book and give us three main reasons.
First they say that it tells us a lot about what New Zealand was like in the time our grandparents were young.
Second they really enjoyed the pictures in the book. The author painted the pictures himself and photographs of them are used to illustrate the book.
And finally, it is a really interesting story about some kids who set out on an adventure. They run into danger and have to get themselves out of it and get home safely.
If you want to see a higher resolution version of the podcast, click here to download it.
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  1. Hi Wayjo and Matthew. I wish we could go to the movies for 10 cents. I think my nana was a little baby back then. Awesome podcast. Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Matthew and Wayjo.I really liked listening to your podcast it sounded great.I liked your expression and the way you spoke.You spoke nice and clearly.

    From Taiapa

  3. Hi Matthew and Wayjo

    That was a great podcast. I always like hearing about what life was like for our parents and grandparents when they were young. Imagine going to the movies for only 10 cents! How times have changed. Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  4. Kia ora Wayjo and Matthew [and all the other brave podcasters],
    I was very interested in what you thought of "To the Harbour" because lots of adults I know and some librarians don't really think it is a children's book and didn't think children at primary school would like it. It proves that it's best to listen to what the children say about their choices especially when they have thought carefully about what they have read.
    My primary school is going to do book podcasts for Book Week. Do you have any advice?
    Mrs S

  5. tamakitoday.blogspot.com23 May 2008 at 12:08 pm

    Matthew and Wayjo.

    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast about "To the Habour". I really enjoyed the way that you spoke about the story and had pictures of flounder, a coin and the ferry in the story. It made me really think about reading the book. I also liked the fact you showed us the pictures I think that the author is a really great artist too! Keep up the good work and next time you produce another podcast let our school know.

  6. Hi Mrs S

    Thank you for your comment. Wayjo and I both enjoyed this book because we are both reading above our age. I'm reading at 13 years. Other kids might find it a little hard to read.

    Well we do have some advice for you. You need to have a clear voice if you want to make a podcast. Because people around the world are listening and they need to know what you said. If they can't understand what you said, whats the point of listening to it.

    Also we would love to hear your podcasts. Please send us a message to let us know how we can listen to it. Thanks.


  7. Hey Mathew and Wayjo,

    Great Podacst thre you guys were so good.Can you guys teach me how to do such a brilliant podcast

    Shyarn room17

  8. Hello Tamaki today blogger

    Yes we really need clear voices to let people know around the world what we are talking about. About the flounder, I ate one at a camp and it was YUMMY!

    I like the author. One of our teacher's knows Stanley Palmer. Her name is Mrs Clark. We will surely tell your school when we put on another podcast. Thanks for your comment. Our teacher said that you teach at Tamaki Intermediate and that your kids are doing some really cool stuff with ICT.


  9. Well done Matthew and Wayjo

    Someone else has commented that this was quite a difficult book for primary school kids to read, but I think you did a great job. You explained what some of the really old school words are, and as you know, they are words that used to be slang when I was a kid!
    I agree with you that the photos af the paintings are stunning and I think it deserved the prize at the book awards. I also notice that lots of kids are choosing it to read in the library.

    Looking forward to your next podcast

    Mrs Burt

    This is the first time I have visited your School Blog and I am impressed!

    Isn't it great to be able to learn about the history of our country through picture books.
    Some of the reasons why I am fond of this book are because I enjoy viewing Stanley Palmer's art and I live on the western side of the Manukau Harbour.

  11. Hello Wayjo and Mathew,
    We have just listened to your latest podcast and it's awesome.The Illistrations are wounderful aren't they.
    Keep up the fantastic work.
    Simone and Tinei.

  12. hi waijo and matthew ypur podcast was really really really grat and i wish i could here another podcast from you two again.and i wish i could go to the movies for 10 cents as papa would be 12 back podcast is amazing

  13. Kia Ora Wayjo and Matthew. I really enjoyed listening to yout podcast. I am going to use some of the information for my essay that I am writing for a teachers college assignment. I hope that I can one day do cool things like this with my class just like your teacher and scool have done with you.
    Teno Pai Tamariki