Monday, 5 May 2008

KPE Episode 171 "The Astonishing Madam Majolica"

"The Astonishing Madam Majolica" by Eirlys Hunter
Wouldn't it be lovely to only have to brush your teeth once a year? Toby, the hero of our story, could hardly believe his ears when Madam Majolica told him that if he bought her special toothpaste he would only have to clean his teeth once a year. It was a dream come true. But Toby was not prepared for what happened when he tried it out! This crazy story is presented by Sam and Uani from Room 18 and they are sure you will enjoy it as much as they did.
You can enjoy the podcast below or click here to download a quicktime version.


  1. Dear Sam and Uani,
    That was a great podcast that you did .Was that your first podcast ? It was also very 1nteresting,Are you going to do another one.But again a great job,

    Rm 15.Sela and Leoden.

  2. Hi Sam and Uani,

    That was an awsome podcast. I wish that I could have nice white teeth that shone all the way down the street. That would be amazing. Can't wait till your next podcast.


  3. Hi there Sam and uani,

    WOW that was a great book that you chose Sometimes I want to have white teehth.Sam.My favcourite part is when Astonishing Madam Majolica had bright white teeth and when Astonisihing Madam Majolica handed John the fudge Ummmmmm fudge! Are you going to do another one and was that your first podcast? Bye.

  4. Hi Sam and Uani

    WOW! I wonder what he got from Madam Majolica.
    I sure will read that book if i can find it in the librarie.
    I really want to see what he got from Madam Majolica in that book because I really want to know what he got.
    I would like to have nice white white teeth that shone all the way down the street.


  5. Hi Sam and Uani

    WOW!That was an awesome podcast and book.I wish I could have nice shiny
    white teeth but not that shiny.Love
    your expression.It will be so cool to only have to brush your teeth once
    a year.Can't wait until your next podcast.Bye!

  6. Hi Sam and Uani,
    I really enjoyed listening to your podcast. It sounded like a bit of a whacky story. It reminded me a little of some of Margaret Mahys' stories. You both did a good job.
    Ms Squires

  7. Hi Sam and Uani
    What a cool podcast .I wish I had that special treatment for my teeth.
    Just imagine how bright your mouth would be.Uani you were a great DJ with heaps of expression.
    RM 18

  8. Hey Uani and Sam,
    Nice podcast you guys had such clear voices.Majolica had nice bright teeth i would love to have bright white teeth.

    Shyarn room17
    Looking forward for your next podcast.

  9. Tena koe Sam and Uani
    I am Rebbecca from the Ministry of Education in Wellington. I listened to your podcast and I think it was FANTASTIC!! Your interviewing and discussions were so interesting and you spoke with confidence. I can really tell that you are very good at reading and at getting your message across to others. You must have worked very hard to create this amazing podcast.
    Awesome job!
    from Rebbecca :)

  10. Hi Rebbecca!
    Thanks for your comment .You should look out for our next podcast.We've never gotten a comment from someone that works at the Ministry of Education before but now we have! The podcast you listened to was our second podcast for the year and was fun to make!

    From Uani and Sam

  11. Hi Uani and Sam

    The first time I read that book I thought it was really funny. I don't know how authors dream up these crazy ideas. I guess she has been to the shopping mall and looked at the people with stalls in the middle selling all kinds of weird and wonderful things.
    I think the bit about the fudge was a bit strange though - it doesn't seem like a brtainy idea to eat fudge when you are trying to get extra clean teeth does it?

    Mrs Burt

  12. Hi Pt England School, especially Uani and Sam.

    I was just shown your blog, and I listened to a podcast of Uani and Sam discussing a book that I wrote called The Astonishing Madam Majolica. It was brilliant!

    Writers always like to hear from people who have enjoyed reading their books, but this was even more special. Uani and Sam had such an intelligent conversation, and talked so well. Wow, I'm impressed!

    Congratulations to everyone who works on KPE and congratulations too, on being such fine and discerning readers.

    All the best - and keep reading!

    Eirlys Hunter