Monday, 5 May 2008

KPE Episode 169 "Sydney and the Whale Bird"

"Sydney and the Whale Bird" by David Elliot is presented by Kathleen and Uani from Room 18.
This picture book tells the story of Sydney the penguin who is also an inventor. Things go disastrously wrong when he invents a whale-powered nest builder. You might well ask, "What is a whale-powered nest builder?" and if you listen to the podcast you will find that out. The whale ends up on the beach and that is where the Whale Bird thing from the title comes in.
We think this is a very good book to read when we are learning all about flight during our 'Up, up and away' inquiry at Pt England School this term.
Play the podcast below and tell us what you think. If you want to watch a quicktime version, click here to download it.


  1. hey kathleen i didnt know how well you could speak that was really cool im so proud of you keep up the good work luv u lots xox.


  2. Hey Kathleen and Uani
    You girls did a very good job with this podcast. Both of your parents have listened to your podcast. Well done.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  3. HI Ktheeln and Uani

    I really einjoyed your podcast about Sydney and the Whale.I liked the part where the bird tryed too biled a Whale it was really cool.I wonder how long it took to finish this wonderful podcast that you did?I hope I can read more of this book because it does sound interesting.The photo of the real Whale was huge. Ive never seen a huge Whale as big as that before.

  4. Hey Kathleen and Uani fantasic podcast.That was a realy great podcast.Uani you have so many podcast this is your best one thats what I think!!! I would love to read the book one day.Kathleen you were a superstar.Uani you must be a wonderful reader.Hey Kathleen you did a really great job and you spoke really clear KEEP UP THE WONDERFUL WORK Kathleen and Uani

    Thanks Lyn...

  5. HI Kathleen and Uani

    Thanks for sharing that book with us in your podcast. I love books about creatures who act a bit like humans. It makes them really funny. Penguins are in lots of kids movies aren't they? Did you like Happy Feet?

    This was a good choice of book to read and podcast when we are learning about 'Flight'. Maybe it was about what NOT to do :)

    Keep up the good work

    Mrs Burt

  6. Hi Kathleen. Nice podcast. I didn't know that you speak well. You too had very good expression.You girls did a very good job on a podcast this year.

  7. Hey Kathleen and Uani nice job at your podacast..
    You too had very good expression..
    Kathleen I liked your voice it was very Clear you to Uani
    Well its me Alisi..
    And im out..:)

  8. Hi my name is Elijah. Great reading you guys. I love it when you use expression when you are speaking. My favourite book is King Kong. I like it when King Kong kills the dinosaurs. Bye.

  9. Great podcast Kathleen & Uani:)!

    Awesome expression, great smiles,awesome book most importantly you's enjoyed it great job!
    Kia Kaha:)!


  10. Hi Kathleen and Uani,

    Great podcast it was really interesting stroy but. How come sydney want to make the whale fly?