Monday, 5 May 2008

KPE Episode 170 "Grandma McGarvey Joins the Scrum"

"Grandma McGarvey Joins the Scrum" by Jenny Hessell. This picture book is presented by Tanielu and Tyler in Room 15.
In this funny story Grandma's car breaks down, and when she gets out to go and find help she finds herself in the middle of a rugby match - on the team! She is surprisingly tough for an old lady and she even scores the match winning try.
Tanielu and Tyler are both very keen on their sport and during this podcast you will not only find out about the book but you will also find out about the teams they play for. Tanielu's season has got off to a winning start and you will see some cool photos of him in action on the field. If you get a bit confused about rugby or league, then leave the boys some questions - they will be only too pleased to help you out.
Click on the podcast below to watch it, or if you would like to see a quicktime version, click here to download it.


  1. Hey tanielu and tyler awesome podcast
    that book does sound intersting. You have done an awesome job.Keep up the good work.

  2. Hi Tanielu and Tyler,

    That was a great podcast and I really liked the expression. Plus how much effort you put into it. I really liked how Grandma McGarvey got to play rugby even though she is old.


  3. Great stuff Tanielu and Tyler! Grandma NcGarvey is one tough lady! Good luck for the rest of your season! Mr Tele'a.

  4. Hey Tanielu Hey Tyler AWESOME!!! podcast. You beter say thaks for doing the voies.

  5. Sione and Jacob8 May 2008 at 9:16 am

    WOW Tanielu and Tyler what a great podcast you guys have been doing.That
    was brilliant you two really used expression during that podcast.Grandma Mcgarvy must of had so much fun any way why would an old lady join a scrum.

    faka lofa lahi ato from


  6. HEY Tanielu and Tyler that story was pretty weird for a old lady playing rugby that was a insterting hope you's two do another podcast BYE

  7. Hi Tanielu & Tyler,
    That was a good podcast there.That was a really interesting book.I'm looking forward to your next podcast.She must of been one very brave person.My favourite bit was when she side stepped the centre.

    From Toreka.

  8. Hi Tanielu & Tyler
    I like the bit when she plays rugby and she tackles the boys down then she gets in the scrum.What a good story

    From Seini-Mino

  9. Hi Tanielu and Tyler that was a pretty weird story how can a old lady play rugby I wish that was my nana. So she could teach me some moves that will be cool I hope you make a another one.

  10. Hi Tanielu great podcast your podcast was great I hope you do another podcast.

  11. Hi Tanielu and Tyler

    Great podcast.
    My favorite part of the story was when Grandma was playing rugby because I really like watching rugby at home

    Keep it up

  12. Hi Tanielu and Tyler

    That's a good podcast. My favorite part of the story was when the grandma dived to get a score for the team. So what was it all about Tanielu?

    From Jarna

  13. Hey Tanielu and Tyler what a great podcast you to made that was so cool.Grandma Mcgarvy goins the scrum was pretty Intereting

  14. Hi Tanielu and Tyler.

    I enjoyed listening to your podcast because you both used good expression and had lots of interesting pictures to match what you were talking about.
    I'm not surprised that you would choose to read a book about rugby since you are both great rugby players! Well done boys.

    Mrs Lagitupu

  15. WOW Tanielu and Tyler. That was a good podcast you did. Grandma McGarvey is a very cool book.You are right - she should play for the All Blacks. She should play for Jo Rokocoko.
    I wish she should come out of the book.Like in the book that Ms Squires read to us.The book where the kids drew a picture then the wind blew it because the window was open. Then their pictures were gone. There was the large
    hot dog, the lady on the spaceship and the dinosaur.

  16. hey tyler and tanielu good podcast and nice expression.And that was cool how grandma mcgarvey got a try.The End

  17. Hi Tyler and Tanielu
    That was a pretty good podcast. I have read two books like that. I can't remember what they were but I can explain them. One of them was about a giant stork growing and the other one was about going back to school.

    Thanks from cain

  18. Hi Tanielu and Tyler
    That certainly is a marvellous book isn't it? I am not sure which I like best - the story or the pictures. What do you think?
    I guess all kiwis find the idea of a Granny playing rugby pretty funny. I wonder if Granny's in the future will play rugby now that women have such successful teams? Don't our women win more rugby world cups than the men? hmmmm

    Good to hear your podcast. Keep them coming

    Mrs Burt

  19. Hey Tanielu and tyler R

    that was a great podcast you two have done.

  20. Hey Tainelu and Tyler. What a great podcast you've done. I really liked your expressions. You have done an awesome job. Keep up the good work. from Jamal

  21. Hi Tanielu great podcast Grandma McGravey must be pretty strong. Grandma McGravey should join our school rugby team lol.


  22. Hi Tanielu and Tyler,

    Like your podcast.Great job.This podcast does sound very interesting.Grandma McGarvey is a very tough lady.I really liked the bit when she got a try.What bit did you guys like?
    Anyway keep up the Good work.


  23. Hi Tanielu & Tyler.

    Great podcast, good expression. You must of put in a lot of effort to do this podcast because your one sounded better than some year sixes last year. Tanielu Grandma McGarvey must be pretty strong. I wont know any old lady that will be that strong. Keep up the good work.


  24. Hey its Meg and Millie that was cool our teacher came to see you she thinks your really cool we are students from muritai school in Wellington come and look at our blog go to muritai school website and click on class pages and go to room11.

  25. Hi Tanielu and Tyler

    Awesome podcast that was really funny about Grandma McGravey joining the rugby scurm it must of been hurtful for her and she must of been tired,

  26. Hi Tanielu and tyler i like your podcast i feel like reading that book