Monday, 26 May 2008

KPE Episode 173 "Family Surprises"

"Family Surprises" by Margaret Mahy
This podcast is letting you know about another book in the Kiwi Bites series. We really love the Kiwi Bites books here at Pt England School! Pheonix and Jaydn present this story by one of New Zealand's most famous authors, Margaret Mahy. We always expect to see unexpected characters in her books and this one has them all. A dragon who is different from the rest of her family who becomes friends with a boy who is different from the rest of his family. Together they show their families that they are pretty cool kids (or should that be dragon and kids?) and have some fun and adventures along the way. We know you will enjoy the podcast and reading the book.
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  1. Hi Jaydn and Pheonix
    great Podcast about this book. It is a really good book about fire breathing dragons. I can't wait to read this book.
    From Taiapa

  2. Hey Jaydn and Pheonix
    Great podcast you guys had such clear voices.I wish i could do a brilliant podcast just like you's

    *shyarn* Room17

  3. Hi Pheonix and Jaydn

    Well done you podcasting pros! You did such a good job of writing this podcast and editing it as well. I don't know how Margaret Mahy comes up with all these crazy ideas for her books.
    Did you go to the Storylines Festival at the Aotea Centre last year? It is on again on June 15th and Margaret Mahy is going to be there too.

    Keep up the good work.

    Mrs Burt

  4. wow jaydan and pheonix what a great podcast you guys have been doing it sounds interesting and a great voice pheonix and a great book fire breathing dragon.

  5. Well done Jaydn and Phoenix,
    I like the way you described Rosie and is it Kingston. Hope I spelt his name right. You read really well with expression. Keep up the great work!

    Miss Lavakula

  6. Great podcast you guys! Sounded interesting!Keep up the great work!
    Tania (Tanisha's mum)

  7. Hi Jaydn and Pheonix

    Awesome job the story was amazing the expression that you used was really cool. I like the meaning of the book. I cant wait till your next podcast!