Friday, 31 August 2012

KPE Episode 432: The Secrets of Droon, Journey to the Volcano Palace

Kayde and Matthew from room 20 have done a great review of "Journey to the Volcano Palace" by Tony Abbott, which is one book of a great series called The Secrets of Droon.

Imagine having your very own teleport in the basement of your house which sends you to a magical place when ever you want. Lucky for one boy named Eric he has that.
He noticed that he was having the same dream over and over again you will be there within a week.

Funnily enough Eric has two other friends who also come across this same dream and have both visited Droon.

As the friends were teleported to this magical world, little did they know there was a specific no humans policy. 

And what would be a magical world without a distressed princess, who is in need of help from the three friends to help find her magic jewel.

Will they find the magic jewel and avoid being captured...

You will have check out this awesome podcast

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