Monday, 20 August 2012

KPE Episode 428: The Worst Name in Third Grade

Taeshell and Cheyanne from room 17 have come together to create a fabulous review on "The Worst Name in Third Grade" by Debbie Dadey.

One morning Mrs Holiday announces that she is leaving and moving to Texas as her husband as been offered a job there.
Unfortunately for third grader Bridget, she doesn't have the best of last names, and tends to get teased at school, but Mrs Holiday is the only one who doesn't laugh every time her name is called on the roll, and loves her for that.

When she finds out her favourite teacher is moving, Bridget is very worried that the new teacher will laugh at her name. 

What is Bridget's last name.... 
You will have to listen to this excellent podcast to find out 
whats so funny about her last name!

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