Thursday, 16 August 2012

KPE Episode 427:The Clue At The Bottom Of The Lake

Wyatt and Calvin from room 17 together have recorded an excellent review of " The Clue At The Bottom Of The Lake" by Kristiana Gregory, which is part of a great series called "Cabin Creek Mysteries"

12 year old Jeff spots a suspicious looking boat out on the water in the middle of the night. He noticed that it was dumping a huge clump of something into the water.

Jeff's dad and uncle both warned him and his cousin not to go exploring on what was called the lost island. But curiosity got the best of them. As soon as they stepped foot on the island the boys had a weird feeling and felt that something just wasn't quite right.

And yet the boys still carried on searching for anything that could lead them closer to what they really want.

A fabulous thrilling story that is strongly recommended!
Take a listen

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