Tuesday, 4 September 2012

KPE Episode 433: Night Rescue

Jarna and Chante from room 20 have collaborated to create an aweosme review on Night Rescue by Pauline Cartwright

Larry has gone on a tramping trip with his mum and her boyfriend in New Zealand's very own backyard, in the South Island of Central Otago. Jack didn't seem to be enjoying himself as he was quite the city boy. 

Although he did liked to take photographs of beautiful flowers. One day he found a bunch of very pretty flowers that he wanted to photograph, unfortunately the flowers were on a steep hill making it difficult for Larry. As he went to capture these pretty flowers, he slipped and fell in an awkward position. 
Luckily for Larry Jack found him and was off to get help, but it wasn't all that easy for Jack.

                  This is a great podcast that I strongly recommend  

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