Thursday, 30 August 2012

KPE Episode 431: My Diary Journey to Tangiwai

Seini - Mino and Jarna from room 20 have come together to review one of New Zealand's very own true stories, "My Diary Journey to Tangiwai - The Diary of Peter Cotterill" by David Hill.

This story is based on a significant event in New Zealand of the Tangiwai disaster in 1953, through the eyes of a boys diary named Peter Cotterill from Napier.

Peter had received a diary from his great aunt as a gift for his 13th birthday. He writes about what goes on in his everyday life including his uncle who fought in World War One, his scouts and the paper run.

Peter is very much into his scouts and is preparing for a medical based scout competition that if they win, will travel up to Auckland where the major competition is held.
To get to Auckland Train was the cheapest form of transport. 

The Christmas eve train ride will become a ride Peter will never forget ...

"David Hill does a fine job of giving us some solid historical background while he tells this story"

                     Seini - Mino and Jarna have done a fine job themselves, Check it out

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