Tuesday, 21 August 2012

KPE Episode 429: Abandon Ship

Abandon Ship!: The Diary of Debbie Atherton, Wellington, 1968 by Shirley Corlett is reviewed by Vivienne and Ashleigh from Room 20.

It tells the story of the tragic sinking of the Wahine ferry in 1968 in the words of 12 year old Debbie Atherton.

It is 1968 when Debbie's grandmother gives her a copy of her forefather's old sea journal. She finds it fascinating and very different from her own diary of school life and troubles with friends. One day, sick in bed, she thinks her long-dead relative is trying to tell her something. And then she boards the ferry Wahine for a voyage to Wellington. 

We think you will enjoy this podcast and learn a lot from it.  If you want to learn more about the Wahine disaster, check out these links; Wikipedia or this TV News broadcast from the time when it happened.

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