Tuesday, 25 October 2011

KPE Episode 382: "The Cabbage Patch War"

Starford and Kingston review "The Cabbage Patch War" by Paul Jennings for this episode of Korero Pt England.

What does this story include? Try this....
A barbecue from hell. Spuds on the roof. 
A visit from the police. It was war, 
a fight to the finish between Dad and Whacka. 
And Chris was right in the middle of it. 
All because Dad vomited in the cabbage patch. 


  1. Hi Kingston and Starford. Great podcast boys. Its always a good idea to get along with your neighbours isn't it? If they had just talked about it, maybe they could have cleared up any misunderstandings a lot sooner.

    Well done boys. I look forward to hearing your next podcast.

  2. What a professional review you have podcast boys! Well done. I like the way you drew your audience into the story and involved us with the characters. I also like the way you told us some startling snippets of information about yourselves - neighbour wars and brotherly revenge!!! Intense!

    Great job

    Mrs Burt