Friday, 21 October 2011

KPE Episode 378: "Wonderful Wheels Day"

Alexandria and Makelita have been reading "Wonderful Wheels Day" by Philippa Werry and Alice Bell. Read this taster below, listen to the podcast, and tell them what you think. Maybe you have read this book too and can leave your opinion below...

Henry’s teacher Miss Grace wants to reward room 4 for their excellent work
and behaviour. If all the students keep trying hard they will get a Wonderful
Wheels Day at the end of the term. On Wheels Day you get to bring inline
skates or skateboards or bikes to school and ride them around the playground
while everyone else is in class. Everyone in room 4 is excited – except Henry.
Henry is dreading Wheels Day. He can’t ride a bike or use rollerblades. The
trouble is he has no balance. Henry is worried that he will make a fool of
himself in front of all his friends and plans to come up with a way of getting out
of Wheels Day.

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  1. Hey Alexandria,
    you have done a great job keep up the great work.I cant wait to see more on you podcast again.And I really enjoy listening to you and Makalita.