Saturday, 12 November 2011

KPE Episode 385: "Agnes the Sheep"

This hilarious yarn about Agnes, a sheep with a very bad temper, follows the efforts of a couple who try to save her from the slaughterhouse.  

William Taylor has written another kiwi tale about Belinda and Joe, two feuding classmates, who become unlikely allies when they are named caretakers of a sheep. Not just any sheep, but a hulking, obstinate sheep named Agnes. It all begins when they are assigned to visit a local "pioneer." Bored at first with the assignment, they soon find that the life of Mrs. Carpenter was anything but ordinary.

You will enjoy Vivienne and Ashleigh's discussion of this book, but if you get confused about where the 'Angus' references come from, you have to say....."Only in G.I."!

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  1. Cool story you read and cool speeches you said and good information you said. I liked those parts.