Sunday, 2 October 2011

KPE Episode 375; 'Rose's Challenge'

"Rose's Challenge by Sherryl Clark is reviewed by two of our Year 4 students, Thea and Gloria from Room 13.  

In their very first podcast for KPE they have chosen the third book in an Australian series about a girl named Rose who lives in 1900 and is determined to change the world!

Although this book is part of a series, these two girls have done a great job of giving their listeners a clear idea of what is happening in the story (without giving away the ending) and we are sure you will want to get your hands on it to have a read.  You will enjoy the story as well as finding out about life in very different times from how we live now.

Rose's journey continues in this, the third of four books about a Federation girl who's determined to do things her way! Rose is finally allowed to go to school - the magnificent St Swithin's! But Rose has never been to school before - will she be able to keep up? Will she fit in? And will she be allowed to join the cricket team?! In the meantime, change is afoot in Melbourne: Federation is imminent, and the suffragette movement is gathering force. When Mother gets ill and Aunt Alice takes a position in a poor state-run school, Rose realises that she has taken a lot for granted - but the changes taking place around her will change Rose's life forever...

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  1. Hi Gloria and Thea

    I will like to say well done girls you did an awesome job out there and i like the way you always smile at the camera keep up the good work girls

    From Lesieli