Monday, 14 November 2011

KPE Episode 388: "Tongue-Tied"

Crusader from Room 17 has been reading "Tongue Tied" by Paul Jennings and Darius interviews him about it.  
"Tongue Tied" is one of 8 stories in an anthology and it may surprise you to hear these boys enjoyed it!  
Sure it takes place behind a toilet!!! BUT it has romance, kissing and a creepy scene with a fish!  We think you need to check this out....

Have you ever
* Swallowed a live fish
* Seen bugs in hailstones
* Had luminous teeth
* Used a smell-detector
* Been a ghost

No? Then read about kids who have – eight twisted tales to leave you tongue-tied.
By the master of madness – The one and only Paul Jennings

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  1. Cool Crusader! We have TONGUE TIED in our library and I will try to find it and read it! You did well on the telling me about the book.