Monday, 1 November 2010

KPE Episode 322: "Ambushed"

Aidan and Joe from Room 17 share another exciting book by Fleur Beale with us in this latest podcast from KPE. Here's a little background about "Ambushed" to wet your appetitie...
Richard is the only one of his family who doesn’t want to leave Cray’s Creek.  He and his friends try everything they can think of, to get his parents to change their minds, but to no avail. At his new school in his new town, Richard finds it impossible to make friends.  Both his sisters seem to have no trouble at all.  He is lonely, bored and very homesick when a group of boys take him under their wings.  Unfortunately for them, when they try to bully Richard they find he is not going to become a another of their victims.  Richard sets out to orchestrate ‘the revenge of the newcomers’ – and there is no shortage of willing accomplices.


  1. Hi my name is Dominc from hamilton I have read A school journal about your podcasting with other people around the world.Talking about books.


  2. hi there my name is fauiki and i go to melville intermediate school hamilton new zealand i have been reading your school journal about podcasting = story and i rekon its really cool i like it how you guys are talking about that ramona and tinei are experts well it was nice talking to you all bye.


  3. wow that must of been a cool book you read you and aidan must have a lot of fun together kepp up the good work