Monday, 29 November 2010

KPE Episode 326: "Yo, Shark Bait"

Rory has always loved fishing. He loves getting out on the water and enjoys
the thrill of reeling in a really big fish. But everything changes when Rory goes
out with his family during a fishing competition. His Uncle Eddie hooks a huge
shark and Rory accidentally falls in the water. Luckily, a petrified Rory is
rescued before the shark can do any damage, but the incident affects him
deeply. He begins to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. Fishing no longer
holds the same appeal.
After this incident occurs Rory’s school principal puts him in charge of
organising the school’s fishing competition. Rory can’t face the idea of going
out on the water again, but feels he has to organise the event or he will look
foolish in front of his peers. Rory forms a committee which includes his best
friend Sam, a new student called Susi and two other girls called Adele and
Christine. To Rory’s horror, Mr Lonigan insists that Rory’s archenemy Bart
also be involved. Bart knows about Rory’s encounter with the shark and takes
every opportunity to taunt him about it......
This is a very exciting story and Aidan and Matthew have lots more to share in this podcast. Check it out...

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