Monday, 29 November 2010

KPE Episode 328: "Black Gold"

Darius and Crusader bring us this novel by Julia Owen for their latest KPE podcast.
Ollie and Rimu have been planning and dreaming about their week at the coast for two months - one week of fishing, swimming, and camping all by themselves. No adults, far away from the rest of the world, free to do whatever they want, whenever they want.
Equipped with only the bare essentials, they head off into the dawn for what would turn out to be a much more exciting and dangerous adventure than they had dared to hope for.
Other people had set up camp in their cave! These people were armed and very dangerous-looking. Whatever they were up to, they had nearly finished and were making ready to leave very soon.
When Ollie was captured, Rimu has to use his wits to out-think the crooks.
Aided by the abused Storm, he set in action a daring plan to rescue Ollie, free the contraband and escape the clutches of the avenging poachers.

We know you will enjoy this book...

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