Tuesday, 2 November 2010

KPE Episode 323 :"Attacked"

"Attacked" by G Brassi,  is the story of a fishing adventure which takes place around the islands near Whitianga in Coromandel, NZ.
Joshua and Shawn from Room 17 have created this podcast.


  1. Hi Joshua and Shawn,
    I'd be pretty scared if I fell in the water when there was a shark around! I want to know how it all ends so I guess I am going to have to read the book so I can find out.
    Great work on the podcast guys!

    Mel :)

  2. Well done Joshua and Shawn! I think most of us Kiwis could relate to that story - especially up here in Whangarei where we go fishing heaps. I liked the way you spoke clearly in your podcast.
    Ka mau te wehi!!