Thursday, 28 October 2010

KPE Episode 321: "Saving Moonbeam"

Selina and Aneisha from Room 17 have chosen "Saving Moonbeam" by
Sherryl Clarke for their next podcast.  This is a horse story, which is quite different for Pt England kids. 
Gemma, the heroine of the story, can see that the poor horse is starving, and she plans to help him any way she can.  Why is everybody trying to stop her?


  1. I like they way you did it by haveing it as a conversation. I also liked they way that the person who had been reading the book didnt give it away to much and made it so that the interviewer ask quastions about why the did what they did and that kind of stuff.

  2. I like that you presented the book as if it was a regular conversation. I also liked that you didn't give away to much about the book... It gives be a brief overview of what the book is about and if I liked reading books about horses, just because what you have said has hooked me in.

  3. I liked it when you said "THAT IS SO SAD".I really liked the book I might get it out some time.
    I relly liked it because you didn't reveal the ending.