Wednesday, 3 November 2010

KPE Episode 324 :"Alien Time"

Shawn and Joe from Room 17 review "Alien Time" by Donna Malane

Jasper is a pretty normal eleven-year-old New Zealand kid, until one night he has an alien visitor, who gives him a gift that enables him to see into the future. When he discovers his Dad doesn't appear to have a future, he has to rely on his wits and friend Elliot to try and save him.

Check out their podcast and let them know what you think...


  1. We like the way you made a video with pictures and voices to tell us about the book you read. We think your voices are really clear. You ask good questions.

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  2. hi my name is justin is podcasting hard somtimes.we are reading a book about you

  3. Hi,

    I really like your presentaion I think you did very well at putting it all together. The Questions you have asked are fantastic because people who want to read 'Alien Attack' will know lots about it and will want to read it after they have finshed watching your awesome podcast.

  4. I really liked the use of pictures and how your poses matched what you were saying in a way. Also you have persuaded me to read 'Alien Attack'. All your questions have quite simple answers but you have made the book seem very interesting.

  5. Hi Shawn and Joe,

    You boys did a fantastic job on this podcast. I especially liked the photos you took you had great facial expressions!
    Looking forward to your next podcast.